Soccer Shoot Out


SOCCER — The world’s favorite sport now is the United States’ fastest growing children’s participatory activity and one of the Elks largest youth activities. The Soccer Shoot Out is a two-stage contest that best represents the skill levels of four to five age groups: 7 and under (U-8), 8-9(U-10), 10-11(U-12), 12-13(U-14), and 14-15(U-16). Age groups are assigned using the participants age as of January 1st. The “Five Goal Contest” with its succession of smaller target goals lets the youngest participants (U-8) build their confidence as they move down the line. It matches both physical and skill abilities to the challenge they present. The “Grid Goal Contest” uses the specific kick distance, based on age, to challenge the older participants (U-10, U-12, U-14 & U-16) to kick the ball from a specific mark for score, thus developing advanced skills. Close cooperation with the local soccer associations encourages participation in this Youth Activity by involving the community with our Program. 


As early as the 1980’s, Lodges of the B.P.O. Elks began to recognize this phenomenon and support it with league sponsorships as well as developing different skill contests. The Grand Lodge Activities Committee discussed the sport of soccer on many occasions as two of these contests grew to prominent status. In October 1997, a Grand Lodge Youth Activities Subcommittee met in Chicago to discuss the various programs and from that meeting, the Grand Lodge Soccer Shoot Program was developed and implemented. Since 1997, the Soccer Shoot Program has continued to be reviewed and adjusted to improve the Program.  The Elks Youth Activities Programs has common goals of keeping children occupied with positive, character-building role models and activities, providing alternatives to drug use, and simply having fun. Remember: “Soccer – It’s a Kick!”

Elks Drug Awareness Program

Since 1982, the Elks have developed an effective, community-based drug prevention program by partnering with federal agencies including the Drug Enforcement Agency, Office of National Drug Control Policy, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and national organizations such as Pride Youth Programs. These partnerships ensure the Elks Drug Awareness Program addresses the leading drug abuse issues facing communities today. Elks believe the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. With that in mind, the Elks Drug Awareness Program reaches out to youth of all ages and backgrounds. Through the 1,994 Lodges in communities across the country, Elks work to combat youth substance abuse. Elroy the Elk, the program’s mascot, reminds young kids that hugs are better than drugs, while older kids see the affects of alcohol consumption by wearing fatal vision goggles. Every year, the Elks Drug Awareness Program hands out more than seven million pieces of anti-drug literature to parents, teachers, and kids. The brochures are primarily distributed through the program’s 127 drug education trailers, which travel to community gatherings such as fairs and sporting events. The Elks have also teamed with Marvel to produce a comic book featuring Marvel superheroes and Elroy the Elk in a battle against underage drinking. Other educational materials offered by the program include prevention tools for parents, videos, coloring books, posters, and public service announcements. Many of the promotional materials mentioned in this manual are available at no cost by contacting your state’s Drug Awareness Chair. To view contact information for the state chars, visit For more information on the Elks Drug Awareness Program, visit, call 773- 755-4700 or email Drug Awareness Program funding is provided by the Elks National Foundation, the charitable arm of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the USA. In 2014-15, the Elks Drug Awareness Program received $694,460 to fund its programs and initiatives.

Conduct conferences, workshops, and training seminars to promote an understanding of substance abuse. To provide a vision and practical skills needed to help prevent substance abuse. To develop, collect, and circulate resources on substance abuse, including curriculum, manuals, articles, and other materials.

Be it resolved that the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, its state associations and local Lodges, affirm and support the concept of “no use” messages on drugs and alcohol to the nation’s youth; and our opposition to the concept of “responsible use” of illicit substances. The message to our children must be “no illicit drugs ever” and “no alcohol under the legal age.” Be it further resolved, that the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, its state associations, and local Lodges oppose the legalization or decriminalization of the use, possession, sale, or production of psychoactive substances, including cannabis, cocaine, and heroin, for anything other than authorized research or scientific purposes.

The mission of the Elks Drug Awareness Program is to promote constructive and cooperative approaches to the prevention of the use of illicit substances by the youth of the United States of America. This will be accomplished through education of students and parents, and by assisting scholastic institutions with programs and materials.

Elks National Foundation (ENF)

Helping Elks Build Stronger Communities

The mission of the Elks National Foundation is to help Elks build stronger communities. We fulfill this pledge by investing in communities where Elks live and work. We help youth develop lifelong skills, send students to college, meet the needs of today’s veterans, support the charitable work of the state Elks associations, and fund projects that improve the quality of life in local Elks communities.
Like all Elks, the Foundation values the belief that charity is the greatest of all virtues and that by sharing and giving, we have the power to replace sorrow and despair with hope and confidence. Donations to the Foundation help us fund programs that match our cornerstone values of knowledge, integrity and community.

Grants and Appropriations

At its February meeting in Long Beach, California, the Elks National Foundation Board of Trustees approved appropriations and distributions for the 2018-19 fiscal year totaling $33.8 million.

Program-Related Grants and Appropriations // Local Philanthropy

Community Investments Program
Appropriated $12.4 million to invest directly in Lodge communities. This includes another year of funding for the popular Anniversary Grant to help jump-start the Order’s next 150 years. Community Investments Program grant projects improve the quality of life in places where Elks live and work.

State Grants
Granted $9.6 million to the state Elks associations through State Charities Grants, Special Project Grants and Bonus Grants, which help fund each state’s major charitable projects.

College Scholarships

Today’s Elks scholars can be tomorrow’s Elks, but we have to make that happen by engaging them and welcoming them to the #ElksFamily. We will again fund three Elks Scholar Service Trips. In celebration of the Order’s 150th Anniversary, 150 Elks scholars will serve in San Antonio during the 2018 Elks National Convention.

Most Valuable Student Scholarship Competition
Designated $2.9 million to fund the Most Valuable Student scholarship program, which includes 500 four-year scholarships of at least $4,000. The contest features 20 top awards—10 for males, 10 for females—of at least $20,000. These 20 finalists will attend the MVS Leadership Weekend in Chicago, where they will interview for the six top scholarships of $30,000, $40,000 and $50,000.

ENF Legacy Awards
Designated $1.4 million for the Legacy Awards scholarship program, which includes 300 four-year, $4,000 scholarships for children and grandchildren of Elks.

Emergency Educational Fund Grants
Reserved $332,980 for the Emergency Educational Grants program. Emergency Educational Grants are one-year educational grants to the children of deceased or totally disabled Elks.

Youth Activities

Elks National Hoop Shoot Free Throw Program
Allocated $1 million to fund the Hoop Shoot, helping young people develop grit, the ability to persevere against long odds. 

Elks Drug Awareness Program
Allocated $709,340 to fund the Elks Drug Awareness Program, which promotes constructive and collaborative solutions to youth substance abuse.

Veterans Service and Remembrance

Elks National Veterans Service Commission
Granted $2 million to the Order’s Veterans Service Program, which provides aid and comfort for America’s veterans in need. Click here to watch a short film about Elks supporting veterans as they exit homelessness.

Elks Veterans Memorial Maintenance
Granted $772,680 to maintain the Elks Veterans Memorial in Chicago. Take a virtual tour of the Elks Veterans Memorial here.

Miscellaneous Grants

Reserved $325,900 for miscellaneous grants, including the Gunther & Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship.

Supporting Services

Fundamental Appropriations
Appropriated $2.3 million to fund the Foundation’s administrative and fundraising expenses. At less than 7 percent, our fundamental expenses are far below the Better Business Bureau’s standard for charities of no more than 35 percent of total spending.